Repair and Maintenance Issues

Things to consider prior to calling your property manager…

Appliance or System Not Working

Make sure that everything is plugged in and all switches are turned to the “ON” position. Make sure there is not a timer, dial or switch that needs to be set that is preventing normal operation.

If you have a gas water heater or stove, call PG&E or your gas company to have them check your pilot light. This service is free to PG&E customers.

Heating or Air Conditioning Not Working

    a) Change your air filter. This is a tenant responsibility. Clogged air filters cause your system to work harder and reduces the air flow through your ducts. Air filters should be changed monthly and can save you money by having the units run more efficiently.

    b) Check the electrical breaker outside at the electrical panel. If a breaker switch has tripped, turn it off, wait 3 seconds and turn it back on. Then go and check your thermostat for further operation.

    c) Call PG&E or your gas company to have them check your pilot light on gas heating units.This service is free to PG&E customers.

My electricity is not working in one part of the house

What may have happened is that you could have tripped the electrical breaker. Simply, you may have overloaded the circuit breaker by having too many items plugged in and drawing electricity all at the same time. First, check the reset button on your (GFCI) electrical plug in the bathroom(s), kitchen or often in the garage. These two buttons are black and red and located in the middle of your electrical plug. Press the reset button. If that does not work, next go outside to the electrical panel, lift open the metal cover plate and see which of your electrical breakers may have tripped. Usually, the electrical breaker that has tripped is slightly off alignment than all other breakers. Simply turn the breaker switch off towards the opposite direction, wait 3 seconds and turn it back on again. Now, all your breaker switches should be aligned evenly and hopefully, your power is restored. If your electricity in the house is still off, then call our office and report this problem. We may ask you to re-try these same steps again.

The smoke detector or carbon monoxide detector is chirping, what is that?

Most likely the battery in the smoke detector needs to be replaced. This is a tenant responsibility and should be checked twice a year. Replace the battery(ies) with a fresh one. You can purchase the battery at any store and keep an extra for future use. Should this problem continue, contact your property manager.

Garbage Disposal Not Working

Move or “stir” the disposal blades with the handle of a broomstick or similar type item. This will often dislodge whatever may be causing the unit to jam up. If this does not work, try pressing the reset button, usually found underneath the disposal unit. You may have a metal wrench that you can insert also underneath the disposal unit to crank/turn the unit. Disconnect power to the unit, use a flashlight and then make sure no foreign objects have been placed in the disposal. Such items as bones, toys, bottle caps, drink tabs, vegetable skins, potato peels, meat chunks and other will get stuck therefore causing the disposal to stop working.

Window and Screens

Windows and screens damaged during tenancy are your responsibility. If window glass or screens are broken, immediately replace them with like-kind materials and quality. These repairs must be installed in a professional manner. No deductions from rent will be permitted nor reimbursements of any kind made unless specific arrangements are made in advance.

Noise Complaints

If you feel a neighbor is excessive with noise, go talk to them directly. It may be necessary to describe the problem or have them come over to your house and possibly hear it as well. Should the noise continue after speaking with them, seek legal counsel, contact the local sheriff or police department and file a complaint if necessary.

You can’t solve the problem or need more help.

Please call our office at 916.536.5600 x 105 and explain in detail the problem you are experiencing. You may also leave a voice message along with a contact phone number so that our repair people can call you back. All repairs will be handled in the order received. Some repairs will require owner authorization prior to any repair. Should a repair problem be caused by the tenant, the repair costs will be charged to the tenant.

After-hours emergency

If you have an after-hours emergency, you may call our 24-hour emergency number at 916.241.3302.
Additionally, leave a separate message in our general voice mail.
If this is a life-threatening emergency, leave the home immediately and/or call 911.
Thank you.